Edis Milare

, founder of Milaré Advogados, graduated in Law School from Universidade Mackenzie of São Paulo. Master and Doctor from Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo, in Diffuse and Collective Rights, focus on Environmental Law.

Retired State Prosecutor, he was the founder of Environmental Prosecution Offices Coordination (Coordenadoria das Promotorias de Justiça do Meio Ambiente) in the Prosecution Office of State of São Paulo, in 1985, during Franco Montoro government. In the Prosecution Office, his activity for the benefit of Environment, besides being pioneer, served as reference for, almost, all the States of Federation.

Édis Milaré, together with other colleagues, wrote the Public Civil Action Law draft (Law 7.347/1985) – institute that has revolutionized the Law practice in defense of transindividual interests.

He was also one of the main contributors to the draft of Chapter VI of Federal Constitution of 1988, concerning Social Order, precisely with regards to Environment treatment in terms of citizenship and environmental politics.

His experience, theoretical and practical, of environmental subjects, took him to the Environment State Department of São Paulo (Secretaria do Meio Ambiente) – of which he was member from July 1992 until January 1995.

As far as Environmental Management is concerned, Édis Milaré was the President of Foundation for Forest Conservation and Production of State of São Paulo (Fundação para Conservação e Produção Florestal do Estado de São Paulo - Fundação Florestal), from January 1995 until August 1997.

At present, besides his activities as a lawyer and consultant, Milaré is a lecturer frequently invited for extension courses and seminars in several States. He is a lecturer in the Course of Specialization in Diffuse and Collective Interests (Environmental Law area) in the Center of Studies and Functional Improvement of Prosecution Office of State of São Paulo (Centro de Estudos e Aperfeiçoamento Funcional), and a visiting professor in the Course of Specialization in Environmental Law of Diffuse and Collective Rights Department in PUC/SP Law School.

With relation to intellectual production, Édis Milaré occupies an important position. His essays, acclaimed with unquestioning acceptance, have been published in specialized magazines in Brazil and abroad.

He is one of the founders and emeritus-coordinator, since 1995, of Revista de Direito Ambiental (Environmental Law Magazine). Among the books of his authorship there are: A Ação Civil Pública e a Tutela Jurisdicional dos Interesses Difusos (1984); A Ação Civil Pública na Nova Ordem Constitucional (1990); Legislação Ambiental do Brasil (1991); Estudo Prévio de Impacto Ambiental (1993); Direito Penal Ambiental (2013); Dicionário de Direito Ambiental (2015); and his Direito do Ambiente, in its 10th edition (2015), editorial success, thanks to the solidity of doctrine, culminated with author’s wide experience – which makes it widely adopted by Law scholars and professionals.